Add sanity to prevent pushing empty revs (sometimes caused by inotify+rebase)

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Issue #51 resolved
Luke Opperman created an issue

And fails with "abort: unknown revision".

This has occurred twice for me during hg svn push. In both cases, there is the now-remote revision and the local revision remains with an empty delta.

Both occurrences (for me) are recent, both on hg crew @ 878466138b57 and hgsvn @ 906d3f302b45.

This did not occur on my mac, recently switched to ubuntu on a lenovo. Extension differences due to ubuntu defaults:

children churn convert fetch gpg imerge inotify patchbomb

It is not: Due to rebasing on new remote revisions during push. (1 was, 1 was not) Affected by time difference between local & remote changeset. (1 within a minute, one 21 hours later, timestamps on local/remote appear reasonable)

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  1. Augie Fackler repo owner

    I have not ever seen this bug, and of the mentioned extensions, I have convert and patchbomb enabled.

  2. Luke Opperman reporter

    Per durin42, going to see if this occurs again with ONLY inotify in addition to my old extensions, and if so will remove inotify and hope.

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