Add sanity to prevent pushing empty revs (sometimes caused by inotify+rebase)

Issue #51 resolved
Luke Opperman
created an issue

And fails with "abort: unknown revision".

This has occurred twice for me during hg svn push. In both cases, there is the now-remote revision and the local revision remains with an empty delta.

Both occurrences (for me) are recent, both on hg crew @ 878466138b57 and hgsvn @ 906d3f302b45.

This did not occur on my mac, recently switched to ubuntu on a lenovo. Extension differences due to ubuntu defaults:

children churn convert fetch gpg imerge inotify patchbomb

It is not: Due to rebasing on new remote revisions during push. (1 was, 1 was not) Affected by time difference between local & remote changeset. (1 within a minute, one 21 hours later, timestamps on local/remote appear reasonable)

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