svn outgoing commands fail after merge

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Issue #53 resolved
Luke Plant created an issue

I may be confused about how this is supposed to work, but I cannot find a way of using hgsubversion without doing 'hg merge' after 'hg svn pull'

Having done this, however, 'hg svn outgoing / svn push / svn rebase' all fail with an assertion error.

I've attached a bash script which shows the error. The script does a complete replay, including creating a svn repos - it should be run an empty current directory.

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  1. Luke Plant reporter

    OK, I worked out how I'm supposed to do it -- just don't do an "hg update" or "hg merge" after "hg svn pull", instead do "hg svn rebase". I'm not sure if this issue still needs to be addressed though -- a more helpful error message would be nice.

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