hgwebdir on a hgsubversion repo under mod_wsgi crashes

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Issue #59 resolved
Dirkjan Ochtman created an issue

Several reasons.

  • First, it doesn't reuse the UI from the repo. That's silly. Fix:

{{{ #!diff

diff --git a/hg_delta_editor.py b/hg_delta_editor.py --- a/hg_delta_editor.py +++ b/hg_delta_editor.py @@ -69,6 +69,8 @@ subdir is the subdirectory of the edits on the svn server. It is needed for stripping paths off in certain cases. """ + if repo and repo.ui and not ui_: + ui_ = repo.ui if not ui_: ui_ = ui.ui() self.ui = ui_ }}}

  • Second, it doesn't run as my user, meaning it can't read the svn metadata files. This is a problem: hgweb needs the tags. Currently, that means hgsubversion needs read access to the tags cache, which it doesn't grant by default (seems to be 600). Defaulting to 644 might be better here.

  • Third, it can't write to the svn metadata dir. It apparently wants this on every run to be able to update the tags cache. That seems... overkill at least.

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  1. Augie Fackler repo owner

    Dirkjan, I think these should all be fixed. I'm closing this, please reopen if there are still mod_wsgi issues.

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