.hg/svn/url must die

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Issue #65 resolved
David Watson created an issue

.hg/svn/url is a legacy of a bygone era now, we should start relying more on the url we're interacting with and just verify the subdirectory and UUID in a more paranoid way.

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  1. Augie Fackler repo owner

    You did an hg clone and then wanted to push/pull to and from svn from the new repo? The .hg/svn/url file is far from sufficient for that to work. Take a look at hg svn rebuildmeta.

  2. David Watson reporter

    No - I did an hg svn clone on the machine that hosts the SVN repo (as file: based clone works several orders of magnitude faster than doing it over the network). I then transferred it to another machine, but needed to fix up the url. So all the SVN meta information was correct, just needed to update the URL.

    Perhaps not a common case, but it seems there's no reason *not* to strip whitespace from that file. If people screw up their settings, fine, but there are legitimate reasons why you'd want to do this.

  3. Augie Fackler repo owner

    This is done in hgsubversion-crew, once all the tests are fixed up it'll land here.

  4. Dan Villiom Podlaski Christiansen

    For me, this issue is a special case of a more general issue: .hg/svn needs to die. Ultimately, we shouldn't store any more state than the convert extension. Getting their won't be easy, but every file killed brings us one step closer to this, and thus makes Subversion sources less special compared to other sources.

  5. Dan Villiom Podlaski Christiansen
    • changed status to open

    One question, though: do we want to store the URL in the converted changesets? The only use for this — that I know of, at least — would be ‘hg svn info’ so I'm leaning towards it not being worth it.

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