pull should support -u/--update & --rebase

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Issue #74 resolved
Luke Opperman created an issue

Currently they are silently ignored.

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  1. Martijn Pieters

    I've created a patch in my fork that adds -u/--update support, see http://bitbucket.org/mjpieters/hgsubversion/changeset/69b00a59e409/ (but ignore the accidental disabling of all the tests apart from the new one).

    Note that I added some ui status messages as well to more closely mimic the default hg pull behaviour. The 'no changes found' and 'added %d svn revisions' messages are also displayed when cloning.

    I also added a general pull test that mostly covers the specific addition of a update option.

    If you pull this from my fork, do pull in the next 2 changes as well; I corrected the disabling of most tests, and also added a missing newline in a 3rd revision:

    1. http://bitbucket.org/mjpieters/hgsubversion/changeset/69b00a59e409/
    2. http://bitbucket.org/mjpieters/hgsubversion/changeset/e78faff4881e/
    3. http://bitbucket.org/mjpieters/hgsubversion/changeset/d8656ffdcb50/
  2. Martijn Pieters
    • changed status to open

    My --update patch has been merged.

    Only the --rebase support remains. Looking at the code, --rebase is automatic already. I'm sure durin42 can confirm or deny.

  3. Augie Fackler repo owner

    --rebase comes from another extension, so it might be automatic. I'm not sure. Never tried, because with hgsubversion you almost always want hg rebase --svn and not some other incantation of rebase.

  4. Martijn Pieters

    because --rebase is an earlier wrapper and we never call orig in wrappers.pull when dealing with a svn repo (as we should not do), the rebase.pullrebase wrapper is never executed.

    We'd have to manually rewrap wrappers.pull with rebase.pullrebase to make this work if so desired (provided the extension is enabled of course). I don't fully understand the implications yet to just go do that.

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