crash cloning arduino svn repos

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gorillacoder created an issue

Tried to clone the arduino svn repos and it bailed out with a 502.

So, figured I'd use pull to get the rest. Crashed.

Using mercurial and hgsubversion cloned and built this AM.

$ /usr/local/bin/hg pull svn+

[r1] mellis: Initial Arduino IDE based on Processing.

[r2] mellis: empty log message

[r3] mellis: Fixed up and; removed some CVS

[r4] mellis: Removed CVS directories.

[r5] mbanzi: updated Compiler

[r6] mbanzi: added ArduinoMessageSiphon, updated message
siphon written by david

[r7] mbanzi: added command class written by david cuartielles

[r8] dcuartielles: DojoDave - 20050905

[r9] dcuartielles: DojoDave - 20050905

[r10] dcuartielles: DojoDave - 20050905

[r11] dcuartielles: DojoDave - 20050905

[r12] dcuartielles: 20050905 - DojoDave

[r13] dcuartielles: 20050905 - DojoDave

[r14] dcuartielles: 20050905 - DojoDave

[r15] mellis: Addex RXTXcomm.jar to the classpath.

[r16] mellis: Removed BConstants.h, incorporating needed
functionality into wiri

[r17] mellis: Removed #include <BConstants.h>, updated
version number, copy RXTX

[r18] mellis: Removed wiringlite from the prog.hex path for the

[r19] dcuartielles: empty log message

[r20] dcuartielles: empty log message

[r21] mbanzi: Added bootloader files and the programming

[r22] mellis: Added serialRead and serialAvailable.

[r23] mellis: Added delayMicro()

[r24] mellis: Removed putch(0)'s from bootloader startup.

[r25] mellis: Moved to mac dist dir and changed to use avr
binaries in tools.

[r26] mellis: Renamed to burn.

[r27] mellis: Modifying to use avr binaries included in tools in

[r28] mellis: Added "Pre-Alpha" to version number.

[r29] mellis: Integrated bootloader into Mac and Windows
dists. Burn scripts no

[r30] mellis: Examples now unzipped and distributed.

[r31] mellis: Now builds and runs on linux (but won't compile or
upload programs

[r32] mellis: Updated build instructions.

[r33] mellis: Deleting old program.command in bootloader/ dir.

[r34] mellis: Reworked build system: makefiles replaced with
in-program logic; c

[r35] mellis: Renamed delayMicro() to delayMicroseconds()

[r36] mellis: Reduced bootloader to less than 1024 bytes (512
words); high fuse

[r37] mbanzi: Moved to version 2.

[r38] mellis: Update Mac icon; replaced print() with
printInteger(), printByte()

[r39] mellis: cvs -> svn

[r40] mellis: Removed build.bat; use the Makefile instead.

[r41] mellis: Updated readme for version 0002.

[r42] mellis: Added 115200 serial speed (for avrisp).

[r43] mbanzi: Created new about splash screen based on icons
from tom igoe

[r44] mellis: Changed default upload rate to 19200.

[r45] mellis: Corrected keywords file.

[r48] mellis: Trying desperately to get the Windows build

[r49] mellis: Trying to get linux build working with version 0002.

[r50] mellis: Working on linux dist.

[r51] mellis: millis() now returns a new value every millisecond,
instead of eve

[r52] mbanzi: added new icons

[r53] mbanzi: Modified colour combination to give a distinctive
arduino look

[r54] mellis: Stopped appending /dev to linux serial port device

[r55] mbanzi: code cleanup, some strings were still saying

[r56] mbanzi: code cleanup, some strings were still saying

[r57] mellis: Adding bootloader .hex file

[r58] mellis: Add FTDI drivers to distribution (dist) and scripts in Win

[r59] mellis: Commented out idle loop in timer (was giving
problems under Linux)

[r60] mellis: Now flushing serial buffer before uploading code.

[r61] mellis: Reversed order of analog input pins. Added printNewline().

[r62] mellis: Serial flushing now works (added Processing's Serial library as fo

[r63] mellis: Added Keyspan Windows drivers.

[r64] mellis: Updated icons for Windows executable; removed unused tools that we

[r65] mellis: Added Keyspan USB drivers; corrected burn.command's USB serial por

[r66] mellis: Updated build instructions; added Id keyword support to all files.

[r67] mellis: Removed unneeded launcher files (old icon and processing.exe)

[r68] mellis: Moving serial dlls to platform dirs.

[r69] mellis: Moved windows rxtxSerial.dll

[r70] mellis: Improved accuracy of delayMicroseconds().

[r71] mellis: Blue! color scheme changed (and hardcoded in source code to ensure

[r72] mellis: Cleaned up the menus (removed unused/unimplemented items).

[r74] mellis: Added giveio to windows drivers directory.

[r78] dcuartielles: examples collected from various sources including workshops,

[r79] dcuartielles: Added by D. Cuartielles, this file allows direct compilation

[r80] dcuartielles: changed the version number in the code to 3

[r82] mellis: Added printNewline() to the syntax highlighting keywords file.

[r83] mellis: Added a really hacky script to grab the documentation from the web

** unknown exception encountered, details follow

** report bug details to

** or

** Mercurial Distributed SCM (version 1.1)

** Extensions loaded: convert, rebase, svn
Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/usr/local/bin/hg", line 27, in <module>

File "", line 20, in run

File "", line 29, in dispatch

File "", line 45, in _runcatch

File "", line 367, in _dispatch

File "", line 416, in _runcommand

File "", line 376, in checkargs

File "", line 361, in <lambda>

File "", line 715, in check

File "", line 100, in wrap

File "", line 715, in check

File "/cygdrive/c/Documents and Settings/giuliano/hgsubversion/", line 308, in pull

File "/cygdrive/c/Documents and Settings/giuliano/hgsubversion/", line 543, in update_branch_tag_map_for_rev
p, paths[p].copyfrom_path, paths[p].copyfrom_rev, revision.revnum)

File "/cygdrive/c/Documents and Settings/giuliano/hgsubversion/", line 469, in _determine_parent_branch
src_branch, src_rev = self.tags[src_tag]

KeyError: '0004'

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