If changes found, unknown revision error.

Issue #95 duplicate
Justin Abrahms created an issue

It seems that if I have a non-trivial number of revisions (5+) when trying to hg push, I get an error. Full pasteback below.

{{{ searching for changes [r2172] XXX: updated legacy url paths [r2173] XXX: fix for unicode [r2174] XXX: added additional unicode update [r2175] XXX: removed unicode print issues statement [r2176] XXX: removed additional unicode print issues statement [r2177] YYY: Fixes datepicker bug where it didn't show. Now shows! [r2178] YYY: Various amends - sorry for a lack of explanation! [r2179] YYY: Fixes height of embed options in mini player. [r2180] jlilly: Removing all old initial_data to make for a clean start. pulled 9 revisions nothing changed saving bundle to /home/jlilly/Code/django/XXX/.hg/strip-backup/0c556eab7f25-temp adding branch adding changesets adding manifests adding file changes added 11 changesets with 29 changes to 27 files rebase completed abort: unknown revision '3523ac80a07c165a8b348220ecf6481ca3a7cb27'!


If I push again, it works.

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