hg clone svn failure: UTF-8 chars in checkin message

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Issue #96 resolved
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  1. Augie Fackler repo owner

    It looks like this is a revision whose log message isn't in UTF-8 for some reason. We'll have to add some kind of handling to cope with this situation.

  2. Patrick Mézard

    Let's assume this was fixed by:

    changeset:   910:312f36a425f0
    user:        David Schleimer <dschleimer@fb.com>
    date:        Thu May 17 14:15:14 2012 -0700
    files:       hgsubversion/replay.py tests/fixtures/invalid_utf8.sh tests/fixtures/invalid_utf8.tar.gz tests/test_fetch_command.py tests/test_util.py
    Ignore invalid utf8 in commit messages
    Old svn allowed users to include invalid utf8 in their commits.  Since
    there are real repos with said invalid utf8, we need to be able to
    import them, even if svn won't.
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