Test Repositories

This is the list of real-world repositories we're testing with, or want to test with. Eventually, I (Augie) hope to get some kind of buildbot set up that will auto-test with most or all of these repositories whenever new revisions are pushed.

RepositorySubpathWho has a copy?Converts?Related issuesUnusual Properties
Adium (offline)<<user durin42>>No<<issue 73>>, others
Djangodjango<<user durin42>>Yesunusual tag and branch structure, edits to tags
Firebug<<user durin42>>YesBranch created one file at a time from other branches
jQuery<<user durin42>>Almost (two branches wrong)might be a verify bug?Tag partial branch, can confuse tag handling
Nose<<user durin42>>YesTwo effectively unrelated root revisions
NumPy<<user durin42>>Almost (1 branch wrong)
Scalascala<<user durin42>>Yes as of <<changeset 7151f63ab33c>>edited tags that get reverted to original state
Pythonpython<<user djc>>, <<user durin42>>Yes
Jython<<user djc>>, <<user durin42>>No<<issue 115>>
LLVMcfe<<user danchr>>No<<issue 57>>multiple tag and branch paths; tag may exhaust file descriptors; others…
LLVMllvm<<user danchr>>No>50k revisions; cvs2svn origin; multiple tag and branch paths; others…
LLVMcompiler-rt<<user danchr>>Very small; starts as single-directory layout, but quickly changes to regular
Docutilsno-oneOld server (1.2.1); trunk is effectively a branch path
codespeakpypy<<user danchr>>very unusual layout
cvs2svn<<user danchr>>Yesrequires authentication; extensive opening and closing of branches; tags with edits
Unladen Swallow<<user danchr>>multiple branch paths; standard Google Code layout


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