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It's about time, I suppose.

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 Welcome to the hgsubversion project. The goal of the hgsubversion project is to create a fully-featured Subversion client that works as an extension to Mercurial suitable for distribution in the stock Mercurial distribution.
-Right now it is **not** ready for production use. You should only be using this if you're ready to hack on it, and go diving into the internals of Mercurial and/or Subversion.
 === Hacking ===
 See [[Design]] for some thoughts on the design of hgsubversion. The developers can be reached through the [[|mailing list]] or [[irc://|#hgsubversion]] & [[irc://|#mercurial]] on FreeNode. There's a list of [[TestRepos|test repositories]] that we use to try and verify how well the conversion works.
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