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Augie Fackler  committed 90fc077

Makefile: drop support for Mercurial 1.3

1.3 is pretty old now, and a new Ubuntu LTS release should be coming
out soon with a newer version of Mercurial.

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 	(cd $(CREW) ; $(MAKE) clean ) && \
 	cd tests && $(PYTHON) $(CREW)/tests/run-tests.py $(TESTFLAGS)
-all-version-tests: tests-1.3.1 tests-1.4.3 tests-1.5.4 \
+all-version-tests: tests-1.4.3 tests-1.5.4 \
                    tests-1.6.4 tests-1.7.5 tests-1.8.3 tests-1.9.3 tests-2.0 \