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Augie Fackler
coal: Make the index page a tad clearer.
Augie Fackler
appenginerepo: prune useless methods
Augie Fackler
appenginerepo: update for new encoding module
Augie Fackler
hgapp: fix push by mocking buffer
Augie Fackler
Augie Fackler
Fix mock imports, add script to build zip
Augie Fackler
hgignore: better ignore patterns
Augie Fackler
Update for some ui changes, remove util.sort uses, almost have pushing working.
Augie Fackler
Reinstate the dashboard, add hack to work around unicode.
Augie Fackler
Imported hg templates, index page renders.
Augie Fackler
Moving towards getting it working with hg 1.3
Bug fix of caller logic in chunk().
memcache manifest data.
remove filedatacache from FileLog class.
Memcache the contents of files.
Forget to add template files.
Fix silly bug about string formatting.
Fix typo and grammatical problems on FAQ.
Added tag 2 for changeset 57b15089a5c0
Set version to 2 because AppEngine only accepts integers for version.
Minor bug fixes:
Added tag 1.1 for changeset c9f95f106270
Set the version to 1.1
Branch information is now stored in ChangeLog entities
Deletion of repository is now available.
Users can omit "" for the user name.
Bug fix: I didn't think about this case. Thanks Roger!
Fix FAQ.
Use hexdigest of a manifest of a changelog instead of reference.
revlog-ize manifest object.
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