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Get next-error to work in *nosetests* buffer.

Tweak the launch of the *nosetests* compilation buffer so that next-error
jumps into the failing test (instead of somewhere deep in the stack trace).

Going with the heuristic that test methods start with 'test_'

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     (funcall (if debug
                '(lambda (command)
-                  (compilation-start command
-                                     nil
-                                     (lambda (mode) (concat "*nosetests*")))))
+                  (let ((compilation-error-regexp-alist
+                         '(("  File \"\\(.*\\)\", line \\([0-9]+\\), in test_" 1 2))))
+                    (compilation-start command
+                                       nil
+                                       (lambda (mode) (concat "*nosetests*"))))))
               (concat "%s "
                       (if nose-use-verbose "-v " "")