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Added ability to go from morse back to string and handling spaces.

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     return [lookup[c.upper()] for c in s]
+def morse_to_string(morse_list):
+    """Return a string from a list of morse code characters.
+    >>> print morse_to_string(['-..', '..-', '.-.', '..', '-.',
+    ...                        '....-', '..---'])
+    DURIN42
+    """
+    return ''.join([lookdown[key] for key in morse_list])
 lookup = {'!': '-.-.--',
           "'": '.----.',
           'Y': '-.--',
           'Z': '--..',
           '_': '..--.-',
+          ' ': ' ',
+lookdown = dict([(value, key) for key, value in lookup.iteritems()])
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