Makehuman is a completely free, innovative and professional software for the 
modelling of 3-Dimensional humanoid characters.
This ( is the official source 
repository of the MakeHuman project.

Official website:

Development status:


The MakeHuman source and data are released under the AGPL license.
This also includes everything that is exported from or by MakeHuman. 
However, respecting a set of conditions (which are explained in section 
C of license.txt), you are allowed to instead use the CC0 license 
for exports.

The human readable explanation of the license terms is here:

Licenses for dependencies are included in the licenses folder.


MakeHuman is written in Python with support for the Python 2.7 interpreter.
Additional requirements for running MakeHuman are the numpy, pyQt (Riverbank)
and pyOpenGL python libraries.

The main application is located in the "makehuman" folder, and can be started
by running Additionally this repository contains addon scripts 
for use with Blender (

Help and support

For further help, have a look at our documentation at: 

and frequently asked questions

If you have other questions, feel free to ask them on our forums at:

Bugs can be reported on the project's bug tracker: