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Dusty Phillips  committed 43d52c7

Add listeners to the tab headers so the kv box gets the right content on tab change

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File kivycatalog.kv

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             tab_pos: "left_top"
             default_tab_text: "Introduction"
             default_tab_content: introduction_tab
+            on_default_tab: root.show_kv(*args)
                 id: introduction_tab
                 text: 'Layouts'
                 content: layout_tab
+                on_state: root.show_kv(*args)
                 text: 'UX Widgets'
                 content: basic_widgets
+                on_state: root.show_kv(*args)
                 text: 'Complex'
                 content: complex_widgets
+                on_state: root.show_kv(*args)
                 id: layout_tab

File main.py

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         '''Called when an accordionitem is collapsed or expanded. If it
         was expanded, we need to show the .kv language file associated with
         the newly revealed container.'''
+        if collapsed == "down":  # a tabbed panel was clicked, not an accordion
+            object = object.content.children[0]
+            collapsed = False
         if not collapsed and hasattr(object, "kv_container"):
+            print "called"
             with open(object.kv_container.kv_file) as file:
                 self.language_box.text = file.read()
                 self.kv_container = object.kv_container