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Add a representation of the anchor layout.

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+#:kivy 1.4
+    anchor_x: "right"
+    anchor_y: "bottom"
+    Button:
+        text: "Button 1"
+        size_hint: .2, .4
+    Button:
+        text: "Button 2"
+        size_hint: .4, .2
+    Button:
+        text: "Button 3"
+        size_hint: .2, .2
                         id: boxlayoutcontainer
+                    on_collapse: root.show_kv(*args)
+                    title: "AnchorLayout"
+                    kv_container: anchorlayoutcontainer
+                    AnchorLayoutContainer:
+                        id: anchorlayoutcontainer
+                AccordionItem:
                     title: "Introduction"
                         text_size: self.width-200, None
+class AnchorLayoutContainer(Container):
+    kv_file = "anchorlayoutcontainer.kv"
 class BoxLayoutContainer(Container):
     kv_file = "boxlayoutcontainer.kv"
     def build(self):
         return Catalog()
-for cls in (BoxLayoutContainer, FloatLayoutContainer):
+for cls in (BoxLayoutContainer, FloatLayoutContainer, AnchorLayoutContainer):
     Factory.register(cls.__name__, cls)
 if __name__ == "__main__":
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