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-This is the Kivy Catalog viewer. It serves two purposes:
+The Kivy Catalog Viewer has been integrated into the main Kivy distribution
+in the Examples directory:
-1. To showcase the various widgets available in Kivy
-2. To allow interactive editing of Kivy language files
-    to get immediate feedback as to how they work
-To use it, you'll need to install Kivy and it's dependencies
-a la Then run
-python and browse or edit widgets to your heart's content.
-Known bugs:
-* StackLayout is misbehaving
-* The DropDown item I had tested completely crashes Kivy
-* Scatter seems to do some weird translation on multitouch. This is probably an Accordion related bug
-* The GridLayout example could use some extra features
-* If you try to start the app with focused set to true, weird stuff happens.
-    but it works fine if you set focused to true and press render.
-* Video playback doesn't work for me, but this may be a dependency issue
-* Popups are displayed inline
-* Some widgets are still missing
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