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+This is a very simple shell script to install the development
+version of Kivy ( into a virtualenv.
+It has no error checking and will probably only work unmodified
+if you use Arch Linux and have already installed the various
+non-python packages that Kivy and its dependencies require.
+It's probably also missing several packages, especially optional ones.
+It works for the examples I've run except video.
+virtualenv -p python2 venv
+. venv/bin/activate
+# install dependencies via pip
+pip install cython
+pip install pygments
+pip install sphinx
+pip install pyglet
+#pip install pygame  # Fails on Arch Linux
+# Patch and install pygame
+wget -O pygame-v4l.patch
+tar xf pygame-1.9.1release.tar.gz
+cd pygame-1.9.1release/
+patch -Np1 -i ../pygame-v4l.patch
+python install
+cd ..
+rm pygame* -r
+# The default is currently broken
+#pip install git+git://
+pip install git+