Devils Castle Dracula X Rondo Of Blood In Hindi Free Download

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Devil's Castle Dracula X Rondo Of Blood In Hindi Free Download


Foo The year is 1792. 19-year-old vampire hunter Richter Belmont, who is also the heir to the Vampire Killer whip and the direct descendant of Simon Belmont, must defeat Dracula and Shaft as well as rescue the four girls Tera, Iris, Annette, and Maria Renard. Should Richter rescue Maria, she will be available to join Richter in his quest to save the remaining girls and defeat Dracula and Shaft. Dracula has been resurrected by the dark priest Shaft and has kidnapped four girls, two of which include Richter&#39;s girlfriend Annette and her sister, Maria Renard. Now Richter must save the girls and defeat Shaft and Dracula. Note - This is a review of the PlayStation Portable remake of the game.<br/><br/>I&#39;ve been hearing a lot about the Castlevania games recently, like the recent release of Lords of Shadow and from many of the AVGN episodes. So eventually I decided to pick up a game and play it to see what all the fuss was about. The game I picked up was Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles for the PSP.<br/><br/>Bad - I really can&#39;t complain about the difficulty since the difficulty is kind of like the core of the Castlevania games, but sometimes the obstacles became near impossible! Eventually everything was trying to kill me and I really would have appreciated it if they had given me more books, that was kind of the most useful sub-weapon. The bosses were really hard but I am not complaining about that, but I will complain about Dracula&#39;s difficulty. He was just too easy compared to the other bosses.<br/><br/>Good - The game-play was fantastic and very easy to master, its just Richter Belmont walking through Dracula&#39;s castle trying to save his Fiancée from Dracula. The music was excellent and I really liked listening to the tunes in each level. The inclusion of Symphony of the Night was a well appreciated feature, I&#39;m currently playing that game too. The boss battles were really fun and challenging and since I lost so many times to the bosses I eventually mastered the levels and then the bosses were toast.<br/><br/>So to sum up, the game is really good. But you shouldn&#39;t start playing without being prepared for some challenge.<br/><br/>7/10


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