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Pygments changelog

Version 0.6
(codename Zimtstern, released Dec 20, 2006)

- Added option for the HTML formatter to write the CSS to an external file
  in "full document" mode.

- Added RTF formatter.

- Added Bash and Apache configuration lexers (thanks to Tim Hatch).

- Improved guessing methods for various lexers.

- Added `@media` support to CSS lexer (thanks to Tim Hatch).

- Added a Groff lexer (thanks to Tim Hatch).

- License change to BSD.

- Added lexers for the Myghty template language.

- Added a Scheme lexer (thanks to Marek Kubica).

- Added some functions to iterate over existing lexers, formatters
  and lexers.

- The HtmlFormatter's `get_style_defs()` can now take a list as an
  argument to generate CSS with multiple prefixes.

- Support for guessing input encoding added.

- Encoding support added: all processing is now done with Unicode
  strings, input and output are converted from and optionally to
  byte strings (see the ``encoding`` option of lexers and formatters).

- Some improvements in the C(++) lexers handling comments and line

Version 0.5.1
(released Oct 30, 2006)

- Fixed traceback in ``pygmentize -L`` (thanks to Piotr Ozarowski).

Version 0.5
(codename PyKleur, released Oct 30, 2006)

- Initial public release.