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Test suite fix, authors and changelog entry for Julia

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 * Nam T. Nguyen -- Monokai style
 * Jesper Noehr -- HTML formatter "anchorlinenos"
 * Jonas Obrist -- BBCode lexer
+* Patrick O'Leary -- Julia lexer
 * David Oliva -- Rebol lexer
 * Jon Parise -- Protocol buffers lexer
 * Ronny Pfannschmidt -- BBCode lexer
 Issue numbers refer to the tracker at
-Version 1.5.1
+Version 1.6
 (in development)
+- Lexers added:
+  * Julia (PR#61)
 - Fix Template Haskell highlighting (PR#63)


             'PythonConsoleLexer', 'RConsoleLexer', 'RubyConsoleLexer',
             'SqliteConsoleLexer', 'MatlabSessionLexer', 'ErlangShellLexer',
             'BashSessionLexer', 'LiterateHaskellLexer', 'PostgresConsoleLexer',
-            'ElixirConsoleLexer'):
+            'ElixirConsoleLexer', 'JuliaConsoleLexer'):
             inst = cls(ensurenl=False)
             ensure(inst.get_tokens('a\nb'), 'a\nb')
             inst = cls(ensurenl=False, stripall=True)
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