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-You have successfully created a plugin using the Confluence plugin archetype!
-Here are the SDK commands you'll use immediately:
-* atlas-run   -- installs this plugin into Confluence and starts it on http://localhost:1990/confluence
-* atlas-debug -- same as atlas-run, but allows a debugger to attach at port 5005
-* atlas-cli   -- after atlas-run or atlas-debug, opens a Maven command line window:
-                 - 'pi' reinstalls the plugin into the running Confluence instance
-* atlas-help  -- prints description for all commands in the SDK
-Full documentation is always available at:
+* This project adapts the "Tutorial for Improving Product Compatibility for your Marketplace-Ready Plugin" guidelines for use with Confluence.
+* It seems that on atlas-run this project has a problem with the macro browser in the Confluence editor.