Option to enable course index drawer in Moodle 4

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Yannick Schillinger created an issue

In Moodle 4, with Tiles format, the left drawer with the course index is removed.

We have some courses with rather long sections, and the Nav Drawer in Moodle 3 makes it easy to navigate between them without having to scroll all the way back up to the tiles.

Would it be possible to add an optional setting (at course level) to display the course index? Ideally, it could be a setting with three options: no course index (like now), course index with only the section/tile headings (like it was in Moodle 3), and full course index with sections and activities (like it is in default formats in Moodle 4).

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  1. Mike Wilday

    This feature is really important to us. And the solution proposed by above seems like a really simple fix to allow for the left navigation pane. Any chance this can make it into a release soon as a functional option?

  2. Michal Zikri

    Hey, are there any plans of supporting course index drawer?
    We also see this feature as one of the top-features of moodle 4+
    It is very important for us, I will be happy to know if you can enable this functionality please. Thank

  3. Stéphane Lavoie

    Same here, we’re looking for a way to to show the index with this very popular course format. Thanks to let us know when it will be implemented.

  4. David Watson repo owner

    Hi all this will be implemented. My current plan is to do it this summer.

    I deferred it initially until the essentials of the plugin were working with Moodle 4, but I can absolutely see its usefulness and will get to it.

  5. Mike Wilday

    @David Watson Do you have an ETA for solving this issue? Surprisingly, the course index is active when editing mode is on, just not when it’s off. This is a useful feature and we think our students would greatly benefit from it.

  6. Dorian Caval

    Having the same issue, course index visible only in edit move (using Moove), while course index is visible with any other course format.

    I tried using the temporary solution provided by @Willian Mano but it does not work for me with Tiles Format - keep getting 500 internal error after changing “lib.php”

  7. Cornelia Gamst

    We are also eagerly awaiting this feature as it will be a game changer for the students on our platform. Do you have an ETA by now?

  8. David Watson repo owner

    I am working on the next major release for 4.3 due early next month (which will also be compatible with 4.2). I have a fix in that release for this issue. Apologies for not having got to this sooner.

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