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-`django-ckeditor` makes it easy to use [CKEditor][] with your Django text
+`django-ckeditor` makes it easy to use [CKEditor][] with your Django 1.3+ text
-Symlink the necessary media and templates:
-    ln -s [/full/path/to]/django-ckeditor/ckeditor/media/ckeditor media/ckeditor
-    ln -s [/full/path/to]/django-ckeditor/ckeditor/templates/ckeditor templates/ckeditor
 Add `ckeditor` to your `INSTALLED_APPS`.
 Add a `CKEDITOR_CONFIGS` variable to your `` with at least a
+Collect the static files:
+    python collectstatic


-# Copyright (c) 2003-2010, CKSource - Frederico Knabben. All rights reserved.
-# For licensing, see LICENSE.html or
-# On some specific Linux installations you could face problems with Firefox.
-# It could give you errors when loading the editor saying that some illegal
-# characters were found (three strange chars in the beginning of the file).
-# This could happen if you map the .js or .css files to PHP, for example.
-# Those characters are the Byte Order Mask (BOM) of the Unicode encoded files.
-# All FCKeditor files are Unicode encoded.
-AddType application/x-javascript .js
-AddType text/css .css
-# If PHP is mapped to handle XML files, you could have some issues. The
-# following will disable it.
-AddType text/xml .xml


-<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
-Copyright (c) 2003-2011, CKSource - Frederico Knabben. All rights reserved.
-For licensing, see LICENSE.html or
-<html xmlns="">
-	<title>Changelog &mdash; CKEditor</title>
-	<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
-	<style type="text/css">
-#footer hr
-	margin: 10px 0 15px 0;
-	height: 1px;
-	border: solid 1px gray;
-	border-bottom: none;
-#footer p
-	margin: 0 10px 10px 10px;
-	float: left;
-#footer #copy
-	float: right;
-	</style>
-	<h1>
-		CKEditor Changelog
-	</h1>
-	<h3>
-			CKEditor 3.5.3</h3>
-	<p>
-			New features:</p>
-	<ul>
-		<li><a href="">#4890</a> : Added the possibility to edit the <code>rel</code> attribute for links.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#7004</a> : Allow loading plugin translations even if they are not present in the plugin definition.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#7315</a> : Firing the <code>resize</code> event on dialog window instances is now possible.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#7259</a> : Dialog window definition allows to specify initial <code>width</code> and <code>height</code> values.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#7131</a> : List item numbering is now supported on pasting from Microsoft Word.</li>
-	</ul>
-	<p>
-			Fixed issues:</p>
-	<ul>
-		<li><a href="">#1272</a> : [WebKit] It is now possible to apply styles to collapsed selections in Safari and Chrome.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#7054</a> : The tooltips for special characters are now lowercased, making them more readable.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#7102</a> : "Replace DIV" sample did not work when double-clicking inside the formatted text.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#7088</a> : Loading of plugins failed on new instances of the editor after the Insert Special Character dialog window was used.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#6215</a> : Removal of inline styles now also removes overrides.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#6144</a> : Rich text drop-down lists have wrong height when toolbar is wrapped.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#6387</a> : AutoGrow may cause an error when editor instance is destroyed too quickly after a height change.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#6901</a> : Mixed direction content was not properly respected in a shared toolbar setting.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#4809</a> : Table-related tags are output in wrong order.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#7092</a> : Corrupted toolbar button state for inline style after switching to Source.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#6921</a> : Pasted text marked by SCAYT in one language is not re-checked if another spellchecking language is selected in the editor.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#6614</a> : Enhancement of the resize handle in RTL.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#5924</a> : Flash plugin now recognizes Flash content without an <code>embed</code> tag.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#4475</a> : Protected source in attributes and inline CSS text is not handled correctly.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#6984</a> : [FF] Trailing line breaks are lost in <code>ENTER_BR</code>.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#6987</a> : [IE] Text selection lost when calling <code>editor::insertHtml</code> from a dialog window in some situations.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#6865</a> : BiDi mirroring does not work when a text direction change is done through a dialog window.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#6966</a> : [IE] Unintended paragraph is created in an empty document in <code>enterMode</code> set for <code>BR</code> and <code>DIV</code>.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#7084</a> : SCAYT dialog window is now working properly with more than one editor instance in a page.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#6662</a> : [FF] List structure pasting error caused by a regression from FF3.5.x is now fixed.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#7300</a> : Link dialog window now loads numeric values correctly.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#7330</a> : New list items no longer inherit the <code>value</code> attribute from their sibling.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#7293</a> : The "Automatic" color button is now presented correctly without focus inside the editor.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#7018</a> : [IE] Toolbar drop-down lists did not have a border around them.</li>
-		<li><a href="">#7073</a> : Image dialog window no longer allows zero height and width value to be entered.</li>