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+This is a plugin for sublime text 2 that will push and pull theme assets from Shopify.
+1) cd <shopify package directory>
+2) hg clone Shopify
+There are several commands that can be accessed from Sublime Text's command pallete to
+interact with Shopify.  The first invocation of any of these will instead open the file
+where your Shopify access credentials must be configured.  Follow the instructions at
+ to find the values for these settings,
+with one exception: the Shop Name should only be the first subdomain of the shopify
+address ( is added automatically).
+When the configuration file is saved, then you may immediately use the Shopify commands.
+Launching any one of the commands will chain together all of the commands necessary to
+get to the correct asset you would like to edit.  For example, if you run the Show Assets
+command but haven't selected a store or theme, then you will be prompted for those first.
+The second time you run the Show Assets command, you will not need to choose the store or
+theme.  If you want an asset from a different theme or different store, then run the command
+to Show Stores or Show Themes to switch.
+The downloaded files are uploaded automatically when they are saved.  You will see a
+confirmation or failure message in the status bar after saving.
+Currently there is very little cleverness in the downloading and saving of assets.
+You *will* be able to clobber more recent changes made by someone else and the asset
+*will* be downloaded everytime it is opened, even if it has not been changed.