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While not a developer, I'd like to be able to offer the use of a VM for tinderboxing efforts. Presumably, at its easiest, I'd launch a kernel image and initrd, let it grab an IP from the local network, and that's it.

I've sprinkled comments on other issues where I think clustering raises concerns.

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  1. Doug Freed

    Unfortunately, providing a VM for this won't work. The design of this project will require at least some access to the hypervisor control systems to create, suspend, and destroy VMs. Depending on the particular setup, there will also be rather large storage and/or bandwidth requirements, plus the need for a couple infrastructure VMs which provide services for the build VMs to use.

    Yes, once I've got the initial implementation done, people will be able to contribute capacity to run more builds at once, but it'll be "here's a section of my openstack cluster or my ESXi cluster or my <insert virtualization cluster manager> cluster you can use" not "here's a VM you can use."

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