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Andrew Savchenko
created an issue

It'll be great if devs will be able to perform run-time testing after successful build. This can be supported in two ways (preferably to have both):

  1. Running dev-provided script.

  2. Allow ssh acces to perform manual tests. This will require X forwarding support for GUI apps.

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  1. Doug Freed

    The first one could be done already with the custom mode. As for the second one, X forwarding over the Internet is painfully slow, so I don't know how that will work well. It would probably be best to just grab the binpkg from the build and test it locally. I could add a flag that says "This build task requires me to manually test things before it can be considered successful" and then the submitter would be able to come back to the build page afterward and indicate success or failure.

  2. Andrew Savchenko reporter

    Grabbing binpkg locally may not work due to different CPU instructions set or incompatible library versions linked.

    X forwarding may be slow or not depending on connection, with -C -X (or more often -C -Y) it is usable for me even across the Atlantic Ocean. However, tigervnc may be used as well.

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