A tutorial Assembler and Virtual Machine in C

I wrote this code back in 1997 when trying to figure out how to write a compiler and virtual machine package for computer games (e.g. Lua). It's very simple and quite clean, owing to its pure C programming roots.

Running the demo

Run Test\OpenGLTest.exe to check-out the compiled VMU file running. The test program is a triangle that can be rotated left/right and moved forward/back with the cursor keys.

The input is Test\Test.asm, compiled to Test\Test.vmu. You can run "Test\Assembler.exe Test.asm" in generate the VMU file.

The projects

* VMLib: A library for a reusable stack-based virtual machine that can support lightweight, co-operative multi-threading of individual units and basic interop with code written in C. Parameters are passed on the VM stack, which C functions must pop, followed by a push for any return values.
* Assembler: The assembler that outputs single VMU file for loading by the runtime.
* OpenGLTest: Simple example of how to use everything.