clscan don't recognize 'crcpp_reflect' keyword.

Issue #21 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

I test with clReflect-0.3.7z.

  1. Input file is

crcpp_reflect(TestNamespace) namespace TestNamespace { void FreeFunction(int x);

enum OuterEnum { ZERO, ONE, TWO };


  1. run with 'clscan.exe file_a.cpp -output file_a.csv'

  2. output result is

file_a.cpp(2,0) : warning: type specifier missing, defaults to 'int' crcpp_reflect(TestNamespace) ^~~~~ file_a.cpp(2,14) : error: use of undeclared identifier 'TestNamespace' crcpp_reflect(TestNamespace) ^ file_a.cpp(2,28) : error: expected ';' after top level declarator crcpp_reflect(TestNamespace) ^ ; ERROR: Errors parsing the AST

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  1. Don Williamson repo owner

    Sorry, the documentation on my website is out of date. Please see the Wiki here for more detailed information on how to reflect stuff, specifically:

    Also, the tests contain examples of how to do this, should you get a little lost:

    Finally, for the best experience, it's probably worth downloading this repo and using the release in:

    The downloads are major point releases and don't contain the latest changes in direction.

  2. ahsan muzhaeed

    i am having same problem .i have downloaded repo. then from cmd as described under "Installation Instructions" i have executed this: K:\svns\dwilliamson\clreflect\release\bin>clscan.exe file_a.cpp -output file_a.csv

    "file_a.cpp" contains this: clcpp_reflect(core) namespace core { struct X { }; struct Y { }; }

    i see Anonymous's input and mine is almost same.

    and both are same as described here:

    am i missing something?

    i already have VS2010 ultimate installed. do i still need to install "MSVC 2010 x86 redistributables" seperatley?

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