Philippe Casgrain avatar Philippe Casgrain committed 4fcd29e

Reordered Murky Target build phases so we compile and link before genstrings and copying resources, since the most common task is to compile. If there are compilation/link errors, we want to find out as soon as possible.

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 			isa = PBXNativeTarget;
 			buildConfigurationList = C01FCF4A08A954540054247B /* Build configuration list for PBXNativeTarget "Murky" */;
 			buildPhases = (
+				8D11072C0486CEB800E47090 /* Sources */,
+				8D11072E0486CEB800E47090 /* Frameworks */,
 				27E396E710E87CAC009F99ED /* genstrings */,
 				8D1107290486CEB800E47090 /* Resources */,
-				8D11072C0486CEB800E47090 /* Sources */,
-				8D11072E0486CEB800E47090 /* Frameworks */,
 			buildRules = (
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