1. Dmitriy Budashny
  2. cablex


Type `make` to build the system and then type `make make_boot` to make
boot file.

cx_tail_server reads commands from tail file.
You can push next commands to the tail:
Read commands from the file:
{read_file, "cmtsname.cmd"}.
 ^cmd        ^filename

Next cmds you can write in the file and than read them
with read_file cmd. (Yeah, it's ugly, maybe I'll change this someday)
Clean up everythin that is older than 5 mins:
{run_cleanup, 300}
 ^cmd         ^time

You can add a new device(fe: cmts):
 {cmts_add, {50001, "cmtsname", 1}}.
  ^cmd       ^oid    ^name      ^status

You can add or delete customer equipment:
 {cpe_add, {[127,0,0,1], "cmtsname", [16#00, 16#00, 16#ca, 16#48, 16#2c, 16#c2], 1}}.
  ^cmd       ^ip          ^name       ^that's a mac address                      ^status
 {cpe_del, [127,0,0,1]}
  ^cmd      ^ip(key)