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 Download: http://bitbucket.org/tehfink/cmsplugin-faq/
-- django-cms-2.0: 2.0.0
-- django: 1.1.1
-Last tested with:
-- django-cms-2.0: rev b8e65a24b0eb1ea329df003af1bb6c2a0cade5c4
-- django: 1.1.1
+- django-cms-2 = master 2.0.2
+- django = 1.1.1
 - make sure requirements are installed and properly working
 - subclass Text plugin when this is possible
 - add migrations (south)
+- there is a weird bug where the FaqEntryLinkPlugin lists FaqEntries twice; the second listing is apparently an empty item. I'm looking into this.
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