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Name: cmsplugin-faq Description: duplicate of django-cms2's Text plugin: adds a 'topic' field and link anchors in templates; CMSFaqEntryPlugin creates FAQ entries (questions & answers); CMSFaqListPlugin creates <a> anchor list of FAQ entries, on the same page; CMSFaqEntryLinkPlugin links to specific or random CMSFaqEntries Download:

Requirements: - django-cms-2 = master 2.0.2 - django = 1.1.1

Setup - make sure requirements are installed and properly working - add cmsplugin_faq to python path - add 'cmsplugin_faq' to INSTALLED_APPS - run 'python syncdb' - add plugins to pages

Optional - define CMSPLUGIN_FAQLIST_CSS_CHOICES in settings - copy cmsplugin_faq/templates/plugins/cmsplugin_faq/ to your project directory

Todo: - allow CMSFaqListPlugin plugin to be on a different page than CMSFaqEntryPlugin - test with TinyMCE (should work) - subclass Text plugin when this is possible - add migrations (south)

NB: - if you have CMS_MODERATOR enabled, you will see an issue where the FaqEntryLinkPlugin lists FaqEntries twice; the second listing is apparently an empty item. see:


CMSPLUGIN_FAQENTRY_CSS_CHOICES = (('1', 'featured'),) - adds an optional css class to the faq entry in the plugin template

Note: This is not great code, but it works. Please tell me how to make it better!