Gray Ibis


Set of utility Scala classes and tools for running experiments. Consits of:

  • datamodel and data access classes - for modeling the database schema for running experiments

    packages: dao,db,model

  • runners - for providing the easy to use integration features with ECJ library such as database logger or database aware statistics

    packages: running

  • gui - for analisys of ECJ params files.

    packages: gui

  • loaders - tools for loading the ECJ params files into map structures (alongside with parental recovery)

    packages: loaders

How to use it

  • Parameter Analyzer - run script to start the GUI editor of Prototypes stored in the database
  • Gray Ibis - run JAR with dependecies and provide configuration as is in the resources/*.properties files


  • Maven 3.x
  • Java 1.6.x


  1. edit test-database.properties in the src/test/resources to match your current database
  2. mvn package


LGPL v.3


Piotr Jessa