GrayIbis / src / main / scala / pl / put / ri / problem / PshRegressionProblem.scala

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package pl.put.ri.problem

import ec.Problem
import ec.simple.SimpleProblemForm
import pl.put.ri.mapper.ICodeMapper
import pl.put.ri.mapper.FlatCodeMapper
import ec.EvolutionState
import ec.util.Parameter
import ec.Individual
import org.ecj.psh.PshEvaluator
import ec.vector.ShortVectorIndividual
import org.spiderland.Psh.Interpreter
import org.spiderland.Psh.Program
import pl.put.regression.RegressionProblem
import pl.put.regression.RegressionCase
import org.ecj.psh.PshEvolutionState

 * Base class for performing the regression of the code
abstract class PshRegressionProblem extends Problem
    with SimpleProblemForm with RegressionProblem {

    // TODO: some options need to be injected via setup method
    val P_REPEATINTSTACK = "repeat-stack"
    val P_MAPPER = "mapper"

    private var mapper: ICodeMapper = null

    // there protected values are used by inherited classes
    protected var repeatInStack: Int = 10
    protected var interpreter: Interpreter = null
    protected var program: Program = null

    override def setup(state: EvolutionState, base: Parameter) = {
        super.setup(state, base)

        // use the method defined in regression problem to load the test cases
        loadTestCases(state, base)

        // read code mapper 
        mapper = new FlatCodeMapper()
        repeatInStack = state.parameters.getIntWithDefault(base.push(P_REPEATINTSTACK), null, 1);

        // safe check

    override def evaluate(state: EvolutionState, ind: Individual, subpopulation: Int, thread: Int): Unit = {

        if (ind.evaluated) {

        // get interpreter
        val evaluator = state.evaluator.asInstanceOf[PshEvaluator]
        interpreter = state.asInstanceOf[PshEvolutionState].interpreter(thread)

        // set interpreter for current mapper

        // get program (using mapper ? or some better one ?)
        val shortIndividual = ind.asInstanceOf[ShortVectorIndividual]
        program = mapper.toProgram(shortIndividual.genome)

        // go with the code from regression problem
        evaluateTestCases(state, ind, thread)