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pass user id with access token

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         if form.is_valid() and form.cleaned_data['authorize_access']:
             request_token = store.authorize_request_token(request, oauth_request, request_token)
             if request_token.callback is not None and request_token.callback != 'oob':
-                return HttpResponseRedirect('%s&%s' % (request_token.get_callback_url(), urlencode({'oauth_token': request_token.key, 'user_id':})))
+                return HttpResponseRedirect('%s&%s' % (request_token.get_callback_url(), urlencode({'oauth_token': request_token.key})))
                 return render_to_response(verification_template_name, {'consumer': consumer, 'verification_code': request_token.verifier}, RequestContext(request))
     access_token = store.create_access_token(request, oauth_request, consumer, request_token)
     ret = urlencode({
+        'user_id': access_token.user_id,
         'oauth_token': access_token.key,
         'oauth_token_secret': access_token.secret
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