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File demo/protected/views/site/setup.php

-            'bootstrap.gii', // since 0.9.1
+            'bootstrap.gii',
 		If you haven't tried LESS yet now is the time, you won't be disappointed. LESS is a dynamic stylesheet language
 		that extends CSS with dynamic behavior such as variable, mixins, operations and functions. Bootstrap itself is
 		written in LESS and comes with a wide variety of useful mixins, operations and functions that you can use in your
-		own LESS.
+		own LESS files.
 		The easiest way to use LESS is to include <?php echo CHtml::link('the native JavaScript compiler', ''); ?>.
 		Alternatively you can use my <?php echo CHtml::link('LESS extension', ''); ?>
-		which uses <?php echo CHtml::link('Agar\'s PHP LESS compiler', ''); ?>.
+		which uses <?php echo CHtml::link('Leafo\'s PHP LESS compiler', ''); ?>.
 		When you have set up the LESS compiler of your choice create a <strong>less</strong> folder under your webroot
 		and create a <strong>styles.less</strong> file with the following content:
 <?php echo $parser->safeTransform("~~~
+// Imports
+// -------
 // Import the Bootstrap mixins, operations and functions so that you can use them in this file.
 @import \"../protected/extensions/bootstrap/lib/bootstrap/less/mixins.less\";
+// Variables
+// ---------
 // Your variables goes here ...
+// Mixins
+// ------
 // Your mixins goes here ...
+// Styles
+// ------
-// Your rules goes here ...
+// Your styles goes here ...
 ~~~"); ?>
 		That's it! The Typeahead is now bound to all elements with the class <strong>typehead</strong>.
 		There are similar methods for each plugin that can be used to register them from anywhere in your application.
-		All these methods take two arguments, the CSS selector and options for the jQuery plugin.
+		All these API methods take two arguments, the CSS selector and options for the jQuery plugin.
-    'subnav'=>true,
+	'htmlOptions'=>array('class'=>'subnav'),
-            'scrollspy'=>'.navbar-subnav',
+            'scrollspy'=>'.navbar',
                 array('label'=>'Setup', 'url'=>'#setup'),
                 array('label'=>'Configuration', 'url'=>'#config'),
 )); ?>