Evgeniy Kirov  committed 4059a9d

add password to the send_activation_email's context data (very dirty and doesn't work with the REsend_activation_email)

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File registration/

         registration_profile = self.create_profile(new_user)
         if send_email:
-            registration_profile.send_activation_email(site)
+            registration_profile.send_activation_email(site, password)
         return new_user
     create_inactive_user = transaction.commit_on_success(create_inactive_user)
                (self.user.date_joined + expiration_date <=
     activation_key_expired.boolean = True
-    def send_activation_email(self, site):
+    def send_activation_email(self, site, password='******'):
         Send an activation email to the user associated with this
         ctx_dict = {'activation_key': self.activation_key,
                     'expiration_days': settings.ACCOUNT_ACTIVATION_DAYS,
                     'site': site,
-                    'user': self.user}
+                    'user': self.user,
+                    'password': password}
         subject = render_to_string('registration/activation_email_subject.txt',
         # Email subject *must not* contain newlines