Windows XP (32bit) - Won't save games properly

Issue #242 resolved
Don F created an issue

See log file. I'm using; the Aurora RL-04.1.-x32.exe file isn't recognized by my computer as a working executable, I'm not sure why. So I'm using the .zip with the .bat file startup.

Update: I set the status to 'critical' because, well, the game is unplayable without being able to save :). Hope I'm using the system right.

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  1. Don F reporter

    Saves and loads beautifully. Plenty of other gameplay glitches - the biggest issue I found being that maps, like the galactic map or planetary scans, would not load properly, giving me a blank screen for the galactic map and a "image not available" message for planetary scans (I think it's related to the research projects, cartography and astronomy, but I'm not sure); but as you said, 4.2 isn't finished and playable. So I'll wait on a release to post bug reports. As far as saving and loading is concerned, the problem is fixed. :)

  2. Егор Смирнов repo owner

    Thanks for the report. However if you say that maps are not loaded then the issue is not really fixed. I believe there is a problem with rendering to texture on some PCs. There is not much we can do in this case.
    Can you please write your hardware configuration, especially the video card?

  3. Don F reporter

    It's an old laptop - the graphics card is an ATI Mobility Radeon X300; 2 gig processor, 1G ram, Win XP sp3. I was specifically searching for games that would play on this dinosaur, which is how I ran across your game; right now I'm trying various 3d emulators, like Swiftshader - I'll let you know if that works (the problem seems to often be no pixelshader support with this machine, so a proper emulator might work.)

  4. Don F reporter

    Hm. The saved files do not overwrite, now; if a file is saved, I can't re-save in the same slot.

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