Talking to Klisk, questions give inverted answers,

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Vittorio Ciani created an issue

I had like 2 questions to ask, but when I asked about the Klisk monster he answered to the Blue Sphere question, asking about the Sphere make him answer about the Klisk Monster, then when I asked about the Disease he just asked me to bring the monster Klisks (I don't now if this part is a bug or if he answer only after that i recovered the monsters), he said he gave me information on where to find the other mutant Klisks, but where are thoose information ? They are not in the Journal and nothing on the map, so how do I find them ?

Then on an another game I could ask about the Mutant Klisk, but I never met him before, and could not ask anymore about other races, in that game I gone on the Klisk planet before meeting the Klisk ship.

The Zoran Rebel gave me an appointment at an gianrt red star, but I never met him again.

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  1. Егор Смирнов repo owner

    0.5.0 is pretty oudated. Bug with mutant klisk was fixed. Zorsan rebel is actually not a bug, this quest line is just not done yet. In a newer versions there is a warning about that.

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