Crash to desktop on launch: PC

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Just purchased Aurorarl, seems like a very interesting game. Once I finished downloading it I was unable to launch the game. On launch it briefly opens the command console, displayed a brief error message and crashes. I opened the game directly through command console in order to screenshot the error message I'm receiving and it has been attached.

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  1. Егор Смирнов repo owner

    Very strange problem. Seems to be more OS related than a bug in our game. Checking a few sources shows that it happens when the dynamic library needed by the game is already loaded by some other process and can not be accessed. Can you please try rebooting your PC? Some sources state that it may help.

  2. Matthew Quinta

    Patch the other day seems to have cleared up the issue. I played through a good portion of the available storyline and forgot to check back in here. You guys have done a wonderful job with this game, I'm very excited to see future developments. Thank you very much for all the work!

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