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I just got this game through Steam. It launches just fine, but then doesn't respond to anything I do. I can click on any of the starting menu options, but nothing happens. I can't even close the game. I have to tab out, then close the Command window to close the game.

I really like the look of this game, but, if I can't play it, I will be asking Steam for my money back. I hope it doesn't come to that. Steam gives me two weeks to return it, so I will wait until the last minute to resort to this.

Here's hoping this gets resolved before then

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  1. Егор Смирнов repo owner

    Can you please try running it in the window mode? To enable it manually (since you can not open game options screen) go to C:\Users\<username>\AuroraRL and edit file, changing value 'fullscreen' to 'false'

  2. Christopher Smith

    Ok. I have now tried this, but there is no fullscreen option. The only thing in the file is:

    #Tue May 24 09:47:46 EDT 2016 locale=en-US

  3. Jani Liimatainen

    Here, list of options


    What is your OS version? Can you attach "aurora.log" file located at same directory?

  4. Jani Liimatainen

    I have no idea why some customers has similar problems in fullscreen mode. Some information about your OS and hardware, also "aurora.log" file may be useful.

  5. granger44

    I tried version 0.5.0 on my Surface 3 and it came up with a star field but nothing else. Then I noticed that the preview showed the entire AuroraRL main menu. I reduced my UI scaling from 150% to 100% and relauched. I was able to see everything at that point. To keep my UI scaling at 150%, I had to use the screen resolution and full_screen options in the

  6. Егор Смирнов repo owner

    Surface is that super-high-dencity screen? Yes our game has issues with resultion on such screens (like Retina on apple devices). Since we are just poor developers that do not have such screens we are unable to track and fix this issue.

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