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added a warning concerning the use of rbdl_urdfreader

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File addons/urdfreader/

 See for more details on how to
 install ROS.
+This code is not properly tested as I do not have a proper urdf robot
+model. If anyone has one and also some reference values that should come
+out for the dynamics computations, please let me know.

File addons/urdfreader/

 	urdf::Model urdf_model;
+	cerr << "Warning: this code (RigidBodyDynamics::Addons::" << __func__ << "()) is not properly tested as" << endl;
+	cerr << "         I do not have a proper urdf model that I can use to validate the model loading." << endl;
+	cerr << "         Please use with care." << endl;
 	bool urdf_result = urdf_model.initFile (filename);
 	if (!urdf_result) {
 		cerr << "Error opening urdf file" << endl;