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  1. Marijn Otte
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  1. Jeroen van Leeuwen

    Done, some critical errors and some more minor code styling issues.

    Also the TODO's should be fixed or fixed in the near future!

          1. Jeroen van Leeuwen

            Thanks for fixing, I provided some extra information for the two new issues which were unclear.

            If they are still unclear we can solve them tomorrow together.

              1. Jeroen van Leeuwen

                I think you have merged the develop into feature/blocks. Now the pull requests has a lot more code.

                Two solutions: 1. Revert the code 2. I will review all the new code

                  1. e-Active repo owner

                    @joeni you already did a first review, so I think it's the easiest to check your comments and to review the commits list for the new code (starting the "Improved code after review" commit)

                    1. Jeroen van Leeuwen

                      No prob, I will review the new code also!

                      @gerjanvdbosch can you assure me that there will be no new code?

  2. Jeroen van Leeuwen

    @MarijnOtte (cc @gerjanvdbosch) I would like to review this code when it's finished, is this a possibility?

  3. Jeroen van Leeuwen

    Hoi Jan Sanne,

    Feature/block heb ik gereviewed. Het is volgens mij niet de bedoeling dat hier code in gemerged wordt, aangezien ik dan weer opnieuw kan beginnen met reviewen.

    Kan deze merge commit ongedaan worden gemaakt?



    Datum: donderdag 2 juli 2015 14:19 Onderwerp: Re: [Bitbucket] Pull request #27: feature/block (eactive/integrated-content-bundle)

    [JanSanne] Jan Sanne Mulder updated pull request #27: feature/blockhttps://bitbucket.org/eactive/integrated-content-bundle/pull-request/27/feature-block Author Commit Message Date [JanSanne]Jan Sanne Mulder a0bf1a8https://bitbucket.org/eactive/integrated-content-bundle/commits/a0bf1a84a98b6e2cc9e07faa7fd28b0674a5daad Merged in feature/embedded-document-formtype (pull request #37) 2 Jul 2015

    [johan1]johan1 cbefeaehttps://bitbucket.org/eactive/integrated-content-bundle/commits/cbefeaea31526e5e24014626a0cf80ca0cebe71e Datafixtures merge required items with fitered items if blacklist is false 2 Jul 2015

    [JanSanne]Jan Sanne Mulder 7fdaf3chttps://bitbucket.org/eactive/integrated-content-bundle/commits/7fdaf3c53f0cdbbd5a23dd7aefbe6fb37982b374 Added black or white list check 2 Jul 2015

    [johan1]johan1 27e6ce7https://bitbucket.org/eactive/integrated-content-bundle/commits/27e6ce78a442a8586a915c4f4fb56d3114b5cf94 Load datafixtures extra parameter for not adding non required fields 2 Jul 2015

    [johan1]johan1 e543e16https://bitbucket.org/eactive/integrated-content-bundle/commits/e543e16bc1199569e3a211a0d4dfe6382cab0a22 feedback 11 Jun 2015

    2 more commits.

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