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PyPy EU project title (contract number: 004779)

Researching a higly flexible and modular language platform and
implementing it by leveraging the Open Source Python Language and

PyPy EU project description (004779)

The PyPy project has been an ongoing Open Source Python language
implementation since 2003.  In December 2004 PyPy recieved EU-funding
within the Framework Programme 6, second call for proposals ("Open
development platforms and services" IST).

A consortium of 8 (12) partners in Germany, France and Sweden are working to
achieve the goal of a open run-time environment for the Open Source
Programming Language Python. The scientific aspects of the project is to
investigate novel techniques (based on aspect-oriented programming code
generation and abstract interpretation) for the implementation of
practical dynamic languages.

A methodological goal of the project is also to show case a novel
software engineering process, Sprint Driven Development. This is an
Agile methodology, providing a dynamic and adaptive environment, suitable
for co-operative and distributed development.

The project is divided into three major phases, phase 1 has the focus of
developing the actual research tool - the self contained compiler, phase
2 has the focus of optimisations (core, translation and dynamic) and in
phase 3 the actual integration of efforts and dissemination of the
results.  The project has an expected deadline in November 2006.

PyPy is still, though EU-funded, heavily integrated in the Open Source
community of Python.  The methodology of choice is the key strategy to
make sure that the community of skilled and enthusiastic developers can
contribute in ways that wouldn't have been possible without EU-funding.

For questions regarding the PyPy-project, please email our consortium at
[pypy-funding at codespeak net] or Bea During (bea at changemaker nu). 

For more detailed information, documentation and code - please visit the
`PyPy community housed at codespeak`_. 

.. _`PyPy community housed at codespeak`: