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Add some notes of analysis as a record of reasoning regarding the choice of merges.

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+The original is the file posted to by Matthew Nicolson
+2006-03-31.  Attached to this wiki page were two other files, both of which are included here:, and  Boehme's version seems to include many of
+the changes in Reiners but many of Reiners changes are missing from Boehme.  It is not clear why Reiner's
+changes have been reverted by Boehme.  it seems appropriate to merge in Boehme's directly rather than
+Reiner's and then Boehme's.
+Robert Smallshire in his email of
+ supports the move to use
+Boehme's version as the next iteration.  It may then be that a version he has can be merged in.
+Apart from one change to the builder command line, Norton's version seems to be Boehme's version with all
+the TAGFILE stuff removed.
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