A jar that exports a REST API for managing a persistent ABCL instance inside a Java Servlet container.

Mark <>
Created: 22-NOV-2011
Revised: 20-AUG-2014



We require abcl-1.3.1 or later.


The path designating Lisp code to run at server startup can be
specified as web context initialization parameters of the form
"abcl.servlet.load.0", "abcl.servlet.load.1", etc. in the
<file:web/WEB-INF/web.xml> as follows:


for how these parameters are interpreted.




Implementation of resource servlet, which returns things inside a valid resource so we can work in servlets which do not serve contents from the local filesystem making the ServletContext.getRealPath() methods fail.


Currently not-working, but the idea would be all requests get shunted to the the SIMPLE-SERVLET::SERVICE symbol in <file:/src/lisp/simple.lisp>.


Connecting to ABCL running container via Swank

Currently, the code in <file:src/lisp/swank-servlet.lisp> locates a version of SLIME to execute by using the per-user ASDF configuration mechanism. If there exists a distribution of SLIME in <file:~/work/slime>, then creating a file at <file:~/.config/common-lisp/source-registry.conf.d/swank.conf> with the single form

(:tree (:home "work/slime/"))

will satisfy this requirement.

Once abcl-servlet is running, one may connect to the ABCL process inside the servlet container by using M-x slime-connect to localhost:4005.


Due to the immature state of testing, this code will probably not work at first in your local java servlet container. But if you do manage to patch it, please get the patches back to the main repository so others can share from your experience.


I am a little shocked that this actually works under Apache Tomcat, so maybe it is not useful anywhere else. Opening the source to a common trunk that encourages forking is the first step to distribute the effort of testing the posibilites. I plan to at least test under Glassfish, Weblogic, and JBoss to explore exactly where it might be useful.

As a seasoned Java developer who was long conditioned to believe that threads in a servlet container were never to be initiated, and would have fairly restricted security capacities, I was surprised to find that I could get ABCL threads to read/write FASLs off of the local filesystem. Finding myself able to connect to the JVM hosting via SLIME just gobsmacked me to exclaim "Everyone should be able to do this!"


As a mostly derived work of the work of Alex Mizrahi (aka "killerstorm") and Erik Hülsmann, the code is licensed under the same terms of abcl-web, namely those of LGPL. These are the terms from the abcl-web website

abcl-web is distributed under LGPL license, with clarifications
from LLGPL applicable. (while components, such us ABCL itself, may
come with different licenses). To clarify this: you can use this
however you want with your web applications, but if you modify
ABCL-web, we'd like to see your patches and apply them if they are
useful in general.


Remember to make Love, not War!

Mark Evenson

November 2011