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Issue #221 new

on new message, thread disappears. reappears when new message sent back.

created an issue

as many others, when i get a new message, the existing thread disappears. it reappears when a new message sent back to that contact. makes it impossible to use app since i can never see new messages. [also, the new message pop-up no longer appears when i switch back to the webpage and there are new messages. i have to manually refresh the pane everytime [just to see i have no new messages in the pane]) HTC Amaze, stock rom. no root.

Comments (2)

  1. phatman81 reporter

    i have no realized, that if i only update the message (right side pane) i can see the new message and reply back, but the left pane does not update to show who sent the message...

  2. Anonymous

    It's because HTC changes the android SMS system around with Sense screwing up compatibility. If you use an AOSP or stock android rom it should work

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