EasySMS 1.6.2 Donate battery usage skyrocket (Galaxy S2 ICS)

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Anonymous created an issue

After my phone got upgraded, this app is giving me a hard time.

1: The "Waiting for report" error occurs. I got it disabled in the Messaging app, and disabled in EasySMS, but I still tells me it's waiting. Messages get delivered, and I never get any reports back, so it's only a minor bug.

2: However, this app now accounts for 98% of my battery usages, and empties the phone in a matter of hours, much faster than if I were to leave the screen constantly on. It's connected by WiFi and I haven't checked the "Keep wifi connected" option either. I've tried clearing the app data, reinstalling the app, even tried to factory default my phone and installing ONLY this app to see if there were some other app disturbing, but it still goes to town with my battery, after the upgrade to ICS.

Anyone got any ideas?

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